Friday, 25 August 2017

Week 5 term 3 reflection


Maths: in maths we have been doing figure it out it was adding desamals and doing cuculations to find out amounts.

Writing: in writing we have been writing narratives and discriptive writing I loved writing my narrative it was really fun I was able to use my imagination and and was able to just let my ideas flow  and for discriptive writing I was able to use my creative side of my brain to give me amazing vocabulary. Click Here To read my narrative and click Here To read my discriptive writing.
Other: I finished a list on my spelling

Friday, 18 August 2017

Week 4 term 3 reflection

Math we have been doing Mathletics I got 2572 point it was really easy this week I did lots of tests and finished doing all of my basic facts work.

Writing we have been doing narratives I have been writing about a man that gets attached by a shark but only loses his legs and the next day he races in the formula 1 race and wins.

Spelling we have been doing spelling bee work I have been doing 40 words from my list it is really fun we are now going to test let's hope I go well.


Friday, 11 August 2017

Week 3 term 3 reflection

This week for maths we have been dion'g set four otargo challenge it went really well and it was fun to do.
In writing we pisonified obfectes I did mine on fire click Here to read it it was really fun.

Reading we presented our plays to the class it was so much fun.

Other we also did speeches this week I got third in the year eight boys in our class click Here to read my speech about that climate change is a disaster waiting to happen we also had hocky this week it was really fun click Here to read about our hockey adventure we also did production practice it went really well.

Thursday, 10 August 2017



For hockey we learned a few skills like how to dribble the ball, juggle the ball, balance the ball and do tricks. I had a lot of fun we also played a game were there were two pepole who stole the ball if your ball got stolen you had to steal someone else's ball to not have to do star jumps.

Friday, 4 August 2017

Week 2 term 3 reflection

Week 2 term 3 reflection

Monday: we had A normal day with finishing our led conferences and writing more speech and we watched more Annie.
Tuesday we had an early end of the day for student led conferences and we also whached more Annie we also did a ikan mathe test I got 26/40.
Wednesday I had my student led conference it went really well I also chose my calf I named it cabry
Thursday we had a normal day math writing reading we are also doing a play in class .
Other we have been doing speech writing nd cross country practice they are both going well.
Over all it was a normal week with student led conference speech writing and maths