Friday, 30 June 2017

Science Fair

This term for my science fair I have been finding what natural substances in spray form can kill blackberry I found out that salt is the natural killer it completely killed the blackberry it took me the hole term to test and spray but it was worth it. Click Here to look at my results. For my hypothesis it was partly correct because salt worked but deadly night shade did not work. I found that I can get quite stressed about it so I had to get my mum to help so that is how I finished it in time. Thanks to mrs n my teacher and my mum.

Week 9 term 2 reflection

On Monday and Tuesday I was sick then on Wednesday I did a geometry booklet and we did some argument writing I am writing about that there should be more options for dyslexic students.
On Thursday we started by finishing our geometry booklets and continued our argument writing.
We also started to do our first rotation of tech arts I am doing sewing and media arts.

I also finished my science fair.