Friday, 19 May 2017

Reflection week 3 term 2

reflection week 3 term 2

this week in maths we have been learning to use algebra e.g a+25%-2= 2.5 i really enjoy algebra. in writing we have been doing our reports we used a plan called the pyramid plan found that a great way to do report planing my piece is on emperor penguins. In reading I did a reading test i moved up to 13.5-14.5 it was a good piece that I read was called the shore ti was about a bird eating a crab and a girl couldn't take pic because her friend was using the camera.  
my quote for the week is

Friday, 12 May 2017

Reflection term 2 week 2

Week 2 term 2 reflection
This week has been really bisy. On Monday we went to nyld national young leadership day there was 50 schools there it was a great day there was amazing speakers that influwinds eveyone to be a great leader.
Tuesday we continued our practice explanation click Here to read it.

Wednesday there was not much on we had our pe that was gymnastics, basketball and soccer the all have been really fun.
Thursday we had tech arts nd I started my lazy Susan it is really hard because I have to sand all the flue of it I also started a Hart clocK.
 Friday I have our band and snr band school singing asembaly but then t is the weekend.

Friday, 5 May 2017

Term 2 week 1 Reflection

Reflection week 1 term 1

Monday was the first day of the term we finished our explanation piece mine was about the cycle of a cyclone. In math we have been doing line graphs. Tuesday we did more line graph and i started writing    a piece about the holidays mine was called the batman Lego movie. Wednesday we had a big PE session I Sprained my ankle so I could not do any think.